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Facelift in Providence, RI

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Face and Neck Lift at Brower Plastic Surgery

As we age, our faces can lose some of their youthful firmness, particularly along the midface, neck, and jawline.

Brower Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI, is here to help you recapture more sculpted features with our facelift and neck lift procedures. Dr. Jonathan Brower, a specialist in these rejuvenating surgeries, can help you regain contours and confidence and become a more refreshed and rejuvenated version of yourself.

Refresh and Rejuvenate

What is a Facelift?

Facelift in Providence, RI  Providence

A facelift or neck lift is a comprehensive procedure designed to restore youthful vibrancy to those troubled by sagging skin, loss of facial volume, or a neck and jawline that have lost their youthful tone and skin quality. Whether you're battling the effects of aging or other factors, Dr. Brower can be your guide to experiencing a revitalized appearance.

Younger, Smoother Contours

What are the benefits of Facelift?

Dr. Brower's facelifts are renowned for their restorative capabilities. At our practice in Providence facelift surgeries deftly address various visible aging issues, from sagging skin to deep wrinkles, creases, and that dreaded double chin, all in a single surgical procedure. The modern approach to facelifts focuses on enhancing your features while preserving your unique identity, ensuring you look like a refreshed version of yourself.

The neck also plays a significant role in revealing one's age. Deep wrinkles, lax skin, and excess fat deposits can make you appear older than you feel. A neck lift, favored by patients in their 30s and beyond, can help to turn back time. This procedure is especially valuable due to lifestyle factors and daily practices that accelerate neck aging. Neglecting sun protection and other care practices can lead to accelerated neck skin aging, making a neck lift a compelling choice.

Choosing both a facelift and a neck lift creates a powerful combination that addresses a wide range of concerns. Together, they can eliminate issues such as a double chin, "turkey wattle," muscle bands, and excess fat while also restoring the youthful contour of your neck. The procedure's dramatic effects take years off your appearance, making you look and feel younger. Moreover, early intervention with these treatments can reduce the need for future extensive procedures, saving both time and expenses. Recovery is relatively swift, enabling you to resume regular activities within a week and return to your daily routine in about three weeks, depending on your body’s natural healing process. Combining a neck lift and a facelift provides a balanced, youthful look that leaves you confident and content.

A Deeper Sense of Balance

Your Facelift Consultation

At Brower Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to creating a compassionate and discreet environment for your facelift or neck lift journey.

Dr. Jonathan Brower's approach begins with a personalized consultation where he listens to your concerns, evaluates your health, and discusses your options in a transparent and supportive manner. This patient-centered approach ensures that your desires and goals align with the procedure, promoting a safe and empowering transformation experience.

Facelift in Providence, RI  Providence

Restore Vitality

Your Facelift Procedure

The facelift and neck lift procedures at Brower Plastic Surgery involve several key steps to rejuvenate your appearance. The surgery is typically performed in an operating room under light anesthesia to ensure your comfort. During the procedure, Dr. Brower carefully makes incisions in discreet locations, such as around the ear and behind the hairline, to minimize the visibility of scars. Through these incisions, excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat are removed.

Dr. Brower then employs advanced techniques to tighten the facial and neck muscles, restoring a more youthful and natural appearance. The surgical scars quickly fade to fine white lines, ensuring that there are no visible signs of a cosmetic procedure. After a facelift Providence patients that come to our practice will return home the same day. Most patients take around a week off from work to allow for initial healing, and while swelling and bruising may be present for the first one to two weeks, it gradually subsides. You can comfortably resume your daily activities and social interactions during this time. Strenuous activities are usually restricted for about four weeks to allow the incisions to heal completely, and the results of your face and neck lift procedure are long-lasting, promoting a refreshed and youthful look.

Elevate Elegance

Facelift Recovery and Aftercare

The recovery and aftercare following a facelift and neck lift are critical to ensure a successful outcome. Immediately after the procedure, you may experience swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort, which can be managed with prescribed pain medication. It's crucial to keep your head elevated, avoid bending or heavy lifting, and use ice packs to reduce swelling during the first few days. Most patients take about a week off from work to recover and continue to keep their heads elevated, gradually resuming daily activities over the following weeks. After approximately four weeks, more strenuous activities can be resumed, but it's essential to follow Dr. Brower's recommendations. Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress, and the full results of the procedure will become increasingly apparent as time goes on.

Recovery and aftercare also include scar management, as scars will gradually fade over time. Dr. Brower will provide personalized guidance to ensure your facelift and neck lift heal optimally. It's crucial to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure to prevent scarring and maintain your results. The specific details of your recovery plan will be tailored to your individual needs, offering a safe and effective healing process that leads to a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

Natural-Looking and New

Facelift Results

The results of a facelift procedure typically become noticeable gradually over time. Initially, you may experience some swelling and bruising, which can temporarily mask the final outcome. These initial side effects usually subside within the first one to two weeks after the surgery, allowing you to be more comfortable in public and resume your usual activities.

As the weeks pass, you'll begin to see the transformation taking shape. The full benefits of the procedure, including a firmer, more youthful appearance and improved contours, become increasingly apparent. Most patients find that they can appreciate the final results after a few months when the swelling has completely subsided and the tissues have settled into their new positions. It's important to note that the outcome continues to improve over time as any residual swelling resolves and the scars continue to fade. The results of a facelift and neck lift are long-lasting, providing a refreshed and rejuvenated look that can last for years. Dr. Brower's expertise in facial rejuvenation ensures a natural and satisfying outcome that enhances your overall appearance.

Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal candidates for a facelift and neck lift are individuals concerned about sagging skin and loss of youthful volume in their face, seeking a refreshed appearance.

Yes, face and neck lift procedures can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, offering a more balanced, youthful look.

Incisions are designed to be discreet, with most made behind the ear or along the hairline for minimal scarring.

You will not feel any pain during the procedure because you will be given general anesthesia. All surgery is followed by some discomfort as the anesthesia wears off, but most patients find that their discomfort is less than they expected. Dr. Brower will provide different types of pain medications to make your recovery as comfortable and smooth as possible. You can text or call Dr. Brower any time after surgery if you have any concerns.

Most patients see some improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the skin after facelift surgery. However, it is important to maintain a regular schedule of neuromodulator injections and a consistent skin care regimen to maintain optimal results.

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