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Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

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Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Jonathan Brower, MD

Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Dr. Jonathan Brower is a Providence, RI, board-certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence in personalized plastic surgery.

He approaches each patient’s circumstances as a unique puzzle to be solved with the big-picture objective of enhanced overall wellness, leveraging his years of experience to find the solution. Dr. Brower is passionate about changing patients’ lives and finds plastic surgery personally rewarding, as it offers an immediate increase in confidence and quality of life. He is especially passionate about accompanying patients on massive weight loss journeys, as the effects are often profound and all-encompassing, involving cosmetic, physical, and mental health benefits.

Meet Dr. Brower
Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence
Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

“To me, everyone deserves to feel confident in their body, and I am here to help make that happen. I take the time to earn patients’ trust and leverage my clinical expertise to provide thoughtful recommendations that address their concerns.”

– Jonathan Brower, MD

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Our Patients Are Our Purpose

The Brower Plastic Surgery Promise

You are the center of our practice. We are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience through three pillars of excellence.

  1. We deliver life-changing, best-in-class results: Patients are consistently thrilled with their post-op results and wish they had come to us sooner. Our before and after photos speak for themselves. 
  2. We are dedicated to the patient experience: From booking your first appointment through your post-operative care, we make the intimidating process of plastic surgery simple, comfortable, and approachable. We are by your side throughout your experience, proactively answering your questions and exceeding expectations. 
  3. We inspire confidence and build trust: To us, the doctor-patient relationship is sacred. We keenly listen to our patients and never rush consultations. We are candid and honest in our expert recommendations and convey surgical expectations without hype or spin. You will clearly understand your options and what you can expect regarding recovery and results.
Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

ExtraordinaryFrom Every Angle

Featured Providence Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Full &

Breast Augmentation in Providence, RI

Breast augmentation is a highly individualized procedure that can enhance the volume of your breasts using implants or, in some cases, fat transfer. Breast augmentation procedures are customized to reshape the breasts, improve symmetry, or lift the position of the nipples to suit the patient’s unique set of concerns and anatomy. This personalized procedure is suitable for virtually any patient seeking full, youthful, and feminine contours. Dr. Brower’s honesty and experience create the foundation needed for exceptionally natural-looking, beautiful results.

Breast Augmentation
Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Perk Me Up

Breast Lift in Providence, RI

A breast lift or mastopexy sculpts the breasts for enhanced fullness in the upper pole, creating a rounder shape and a more youthful appearance. A breast lift is ideal for patients who feel that their breasts appear deflated or rest lower on the chest wall than they would like. Like breast augmentation, a breast lift can also be personalized to address asymmetry and nipple placement. With extreme precision, Dr. Brower delivers stunning breast lift results.

Breast Lift
Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Reshape Your Perspective

Abdominoplasty in Providence, RI

Abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck, eliminates excess fat and skin in the abdominal area following significant weight loss or pregnancy. In some cases, especially where rectus diastasis is present, the muscles are also surgically tightened to create a tighter, flatter core. Providence tummy tuck specialist Dr. Jonathan Brower performs more than 50 abdominoplasty procedures each year, helping patients achieve or restore smooth, sculpted contours. Abdominoplasty offers ultimate resolution following massive weight loss or pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck
Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Take Back Your Body

Mommy Makeover in Providence, RI

All women should feel confident in their body, including after childbirth. A mommy makeover is the ideal solution to address the physical changes that come with pregnancy, including a breast augmentation or lift and tummy tuck. However, you may choose to incorporate virtually any procedure, including liposuction, arm or thigh lift, or labiaplasty, into your mommy makeover. No matter your concerns, Dr. Brower can help you curate your ideal mommy makeover procedure and help you reclaim your body and your confidence.

Mommy Makeover
Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Flat Chest. Less Stress.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Providence, RI

Gynecomastia, or breast tissue in men, is a common condition that affects 30% of men. Dr. Brower provides gynecomastia surgery to remove excess tissue and, in some cases, small amounts of skin to create a more masculine chest. Gynecomastia can result from hormonal changes during puberty, excess stored fat, or medications. Regardless of the cause, gynecomastia makes many men self-conscious and uncomfortable in certain clothing or when they want to enjoy the beach.

Gynecomastia surgery delivers ultimate relief from such concerns and newfound confidence.. It is a minimally invasive procedure that requires little downtime and provides consistently high patient satisfaction.

Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Your Future Looks Gorgeous

Facelift in Providence, RI

A facelift offers the most substantial and longest-lasting facial rejuvenation possible through the careful removal of excess skin. A facelift effectively eliminates laxity, wrinkles, and folds, restoring your skin’s youthfully firm appearance. When performed by a reputable and board-certified plastic surgeon, a facelift offers exquisitely natural-looking results. Dr. Brower offers the expertise and empathy to provide you with the best treatment experience and outcome.

Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Sculpt Your Most Confident Future

Complex Body Contouring in Providence, RI

Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Massive weight loss is a profoundly transformative and empowering experience requiring extreme dedication and willpower.

Many patients who have lost a significant amount of weight find that they are left with loose, excess skin that prevents them from realizing the full benefits of their hard work. Plastic surgery after weight loss eliminates lax skin and restores natural body contours to reveal the true extent of your transformation. While the abdomen typically presents the most significant skin laxity following weight loss, many patients have concerns about other areas of their bodies. Dr. Brower is a fellowship-trained expert in plastic surgery after weight loss, providing skin tightening procedures for virtually every area of the body. He also has extensive experience managing the complex physiology and nutritional differences in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. Implementing a holistic care plan for these unique patients.

Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

“I would do it all over again!”

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Providence Plastic Surgery Testimonials

“Dr. Brower literally changed my life with my tummy tuck and breast lift. I had a severe muscle separation from having my 2 kids which left me feeling deformed and depressed. Dr. Brower made my tummy flat again and I am so happy with my results. Having a low scar was also very important to me and he did just that! If you're considering these procedures, I give him a 10/10. Aside from his great workmanship, his bedside manner could not be any better. … He is so kind and caring. He took his time and answered my questions/concerns and really put my mind at ease…excellent care!”

– Amy R., Providence, RI, tummy tuck patient.

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Jonathan Brower… He made me feel so comfortable and safe from the first meeting, throughout surgery, and all through recovery. … He was professional, supportive, and caring. Absolutely great experience!”

–Shannan R., Providence, RI, mommy makeover patient.

“I went for my consultation with Dr. Brower for breast augmentation and a tummy tuck and knew he was the one. He made me feel so comfortable. …The night of my surgery, he called and checked on me. My post-op was great, and here I am 12 weeks with a mommy makeover and a body I always dreamed of. I can barely see my scars, especially my tummy tuck. I am beyond pleased with my results, and Dr. Brower and his team are the absolute best. I’m a mom of 3 kids with a body I only dreamed of thanks to Dr. Brower.”

– Jessica R., Providence, RI, mommy makeover patient.

“Doctor Brower is fantastic! He was very attentive to details before and after my surgery. He answered all my questions promptly, even late at night the day before my surgery. The result of his work is beautiful and natural. His hands are magical!”

–Fernanda V., Providence, RI, plastic surgery patient.

“I underwent an abdominoplasty with Dr. Brower. He made me feel immediately comfortable starting with the consultation. He was calm, informative, and thorough with all of his explanations and in answering all of my questions. Dr. Brower did an amazing job on my surgery. I was extremely nervous about the recovery process, but it was so much easier than expected. … Six weeks after my surgery, I feel great! I am thrilled with my results and know I made the right choice in trusting Dr. Brower.”

–Tracie P., Providence, RI, abdominoplasty patient.

“I can't share enough positive things about Dr. Brower. From the moment you meet him, he puts you at ease and listens to every word you say and how you want your final outcome to be. His eye is that of expertise, and his attitude is very professional yet down to earth, I would highly recommend him if you are looking for liposuction.”

–Jessica F.

“Dr. Brower did my breast augmentation surgery, and he did amazing! Exactly what I asked for, a natural look. I would do it all over again!”

–Amanda R., Providence, RI, breast augmentation patient.

“Dr. Brower…THE BEST! He did an absolutely amazing job with my abdominoplasty and upper body lift! His attention to detail, bedside manner, and making sure his patients are satisfied were always at the forefront. He was always a phone call or text away with any concerns or questions I had post-op. … Thank you again, Dr. Brower, for being a phenomenal surgeon and human being. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Brower, especially if you are a weight loss patient!!!”

–Jannette C., Providence, RI, plastic surgery after weight loss patient.

Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Masculinity Refined

Plastic Surgery for Men in Providence, RI

More and more, men are looking to plastic surgery for increased confidence in personal and professional settings.

Brower Plastic Surgery offers surgical and non-surgical procedures for men so that you can achieve your most authentically masculine and youthful appearance. 

Dr. Jonathan Brower performs face and body procedures designed to subtly refine your appearance with careful attention to your unique anatomy and goals. From facial rejuvenation treatments like facelift surgery and injectables to body procedures like abdominoplasty and gynecomastia surgery, you can rest assured that Dr. Brower will have your most natural outcome and best wellness in mind throughout every step of your personalized treatment.

The Subtle Art of Excellence

An Exceptional Providence Plastic Surgery Experience

When it comes to plastic surgery, success is determined by subtleties.

While there are many surgeons who can perform procedures safely, true success requires keen attention to detail and a deep understanding of the individual’s concerns and expectations to achieve an authentically stunning result. At Brower Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI, we know that the decision to undergo surgery is made only after thoughtful consideration of a variety of factors, especially your emotional and physical well-being. When you come to us, every aspect of your care will be designed with this in mind. With Dr. Brower by your side, you can feel confident that you are on a path to exceptionally satisfying results.

Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence Plastic Surgery in Providence, RI  Providence

Delivering Answers

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